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Sunnyvale Grand Opening: January 2009!
Phone: (408) 480-1133
Email: niloo100@yahoo.com
Address: 1239 Reamwood Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
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Center Plan
Sacred Lotus
Meditation Hall

It is utilized for a broad range of purposes including group meditations, spiritual l events and talks and sacred dance classes. Designed for multi-faith use, the Sacred Lotus is a truly inclusive area in which the needs of many spiritual and religious traditions are taken into account.

Silent Embrace
Reflection Hall

A tranquil and serene space for quiet reflection and meditation for chance to make a deeper sense of spirituality a part of the daily life experience.

Fire Temple
Cardio Workout

Provides state-of-the-art fitness equipment such as Elliptical trainers, treadmill s and recumbent bikes. Includes Men and Women locker rooms. Offer weight training, healthy exercise programs.

Dancing Tornado
Spinning Studio

Whether you’re out of shape or very fit, spinning classes can help you improve. You ride a stationary bicycle in a group, with a leader who tells you what to do and plays lively music to set the tempo.

Misty Moon
Water Therapy

Calm, soothing room with hot and cold baths and water mist sprays. Benches along the side for relaxation. Baths are beautifully designed Persian tiled pools.

Yoga/Pilates/Dance Studio

Studio for Yoga, Pilates mat classes which aim towards harmonizing your mind, body and soul to achieve a state of oneness with the universe, as well as Studio for high-energy, active dances which provide fun and lively cardio vascular workout.

Tea Mahal
Tea House

A warm, friendly, comfortable and inviting place where customers become friends and extended family. In the tradition of Iranian Tea Houses, Tea Mahal provides a cozy atmosphere to drink tea with friends and socialize.

Decorated with Persian carpets and traditional Persian tables, tea cups and samovar, with soft traditional music playing in the background instantly transporting you to another part of the world.
Our Tea Room offers widest selection of the finest quality teas and infusion from around the world, a small, select lunch menu with light, healthy choices as well as an exclusive power juices. Everything is made fresh daily using local produce, and changes with the season.

Infinite Sky
Bookstore & Giftshop

This is not just an ordinary retail shop, but is rather a spiritual education center and focal point for like minded people to gather and share their feelings, their ideas, their hopes and their dreams.

Offers tools for the spiritual journey, sharing of the human wisdom and expansion
of the mind. A collection of sacred texts, spiritual books and supplies such as candles, incense, music, statues, paintings, crystals, affirmation and inspirational cards.

Every attempt is made to keep a neutral position, thus allowing people to make their own choices in the path to Self-Inquiry.

Precious Blossoms
Child Care Center

A fun place for your children to hang out while you exercise, relax and rejuvenate. A safe and creative environment that stimulates imagination and promotes awareness.

Gentle Rains
Massage Rooms

Simple rooms with comfortable, relaxing environment in which the client can fully let go and enjoy the luxury of massage.

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